Google is a dream company for many software engineers. I had the chance to Interview at Google, a month ago. Although I could not make it through, in all, it was an amazing experience interviewing at Google, as it was also my first ever interview experience.

I would like to explain the whole process and mistakes I made, so that other fellow programmers can avoid those mistakes during the interview. So, if you are going for an interview at Google in the coming days, do have a read!


I applied on Google Careers for the University Graduate Role. After a…

Read this article as it guides you through all the common sorting Algorithms, compared and explained , along with the code at one place.

Why do i write?

The main reason is that i’m also into programming and i’m willing to help other programmers who are on the path to learn & improve. I found this topic a little difficult as it was tricky to remember these sorting algorithms & recognize which one could be applied where. Thus, I decided to put all commonly used sorting algorithms at one place along with the code, so that they can be understood easily by comparing with…

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